Wood Storage Shelves

Found these heavier duty wall rails and brackets at a local hardware store. I used extra long stainless screws to screw them to wall studs. The brackets are 12 inches long. Sure wish the overhead garage door wasn't above them. Also wish I had 10 foot ceilings. On these shelves, curly redwood, cherry, manzanita slices, sycamore and oak, some with really wild grain.

Back in the corner - more wood - ipe, ash, padouk, mahogany, figured maple, rayed sycamore, alder and some quarter sawn oak.

Under the back half of the bench is more wood storage space - walnut and cedar mainly,

Scored about 350 BF of locust, not sure if it's honey locust or black locust - looks similar to walnut. Most of the boards are 12 footers and 10-12" wide. About 40% of it is really nice and about 40% are going to take some careful selective cutting.

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