The Tormek Sharpening System Station/Accessories Cart

Just the time savings sharpening the wide, thick irons of the five Knight- Toolworks woodies justified getting the Tormek.. Add the irons and cutters of the growing collection of metal planes (#4, 2 #5s, #6, #7, #45 with 20 cutters, #48 and #71), a set of Two Cherries, Marples and Buck chisels, a few japanese chisels, a pair of cranked handled corner cleaner outer chisels, some paring chisels and three of Steve's mortising chisel beasts made the Tormek an absolute necessity. Add in a boat load of small carving chisels and it pays for itself.

The cabinet under the Tormek was made to hold the Robland X31's XYZ Mortising Table and accessories. It now holds the Delta Oscillating Spindle Sander and Disk Sander. Will be making a new cabinet for the Tormek and a Scary Sharp set up. Will have a drawer or two for the Tormek stuff and racks for glass plates with various grits of sand paper.

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