My Shop

The "Shop" started out as the right half of a four car detached garage. (The house was only a two bedroom 1,100 sf place). I'd already converted the left half into a jewelry shop - with insulated and sheet rocked walls and ceiling, 220V electrical service, a gas line, water line and sewer line etc.. It subsequently evolved into a stained glass shop.

The "Shop" over the years filled with stuff - a freezer, a bicycle repair shop, a weight machine (my son was a competitive mountain biker), old lamps, old furniture "treasures", boxes of "important papers" & books, weed killers, fertilizer, gardening tools, a Makita miter saw, an old jig saw (red thing in foreground) and all the other stuff that couldn't find a home elsewhere.

After emptying the space, painting the floor with epoxy paint, skinning the walls with 3/4 inch OSB, filling in between the ceiling joists for attic storage and painting the walls and ceiling with Navajo White semi gloss the space was ready for The Baby.

The 1100 Pound Baby Delivery

Here's the shop as it normally looks - every flat surface above the floor covered with "works in progress", parts of "prototypes", tools and things that don't yet have a permanent place to be. The stuff in front of the X31 is waiting to go up in the rafters. The ply leaning up against the right side of the X31 is 1/4" birdseye maple I got a deal on and there's 3/4" sheets of cherry and walnut I got for $30 at an auction leaning up against the green shelves on the right. Various jigs lean against the white cabinet on the left. There's are three shelves for wood storage behind the base cabinet on the left.

When I get the dust collector and the compressor in a space behind the shop there'll finally be room for a sheet goods storage area.

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