This is my plwywood storage rack/ box/ bin. Since my ceiling is at 7' 11", and I needed some clearance above 8 foot tall sheets, I had to extend the box into the attic PLUS 6 more feet in front of it so I could get sheets in and out. When I built it, it seemed to have more than enough space for what I already had plus room for more. It was a surprise when I rounded up all my sheet stock and other large flat stuff (old mahogany coffee table top, old mahogany head and foot boards, a bunch of oak cabinet doors from a garage sale,...) In addition to never having too many clamps, you can never have too much room

I added 2x4s to the left face to firm it up and that made putting up clamps on the outside handy since it's next to the assembly/layout bench. Should have room for MORE CLAMPS!

The small room in the background is for the dust collector and compressor.

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