SCMS w Table

This is a Makita LS1212 12 inch sliding compound miter saw with a pair of Beismeyer 10 inch miter tables, 5 ft left of the blade, 3 ft right of the blade. It sits on a high long base cabinet with the left side a few feet inside the garage door. With this arrangement, very long stock to be cut can extend out the door - onto roller stands if necessary. Because it sits so high it's easy to see what you're doing without having to lean over much.

The saw has a 12 inch plus cross cut capability - sort of like a mini-radial arm saw but with more precision. The saw comes with a swing away left fence "heightened" for cutting taller molding and one adjustable hold down. I bought the right fence "heightened", a left and right heavy duty hold in and a right adjustable hold down accessories so this unit is "loaded".

Makita LS1212 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Beismeyer Miter Tables

The SCM with all the accessories on it

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