Delta 12 inch disk sander and oscillating spindle sander. The disk sander, with 80 grit on it is scary when you have to get your fingers close to the disk. It does have a break on top so it doesn't spin for 10 or 15 minutes after being turned off. Note the 4 inch dust port on the disk sander - wish there was a bigger port on the OSS. Were I to do it over I'd have gotten an oscilliating spindle sander with a tilting table. The Delta OSS is a good tool, but a tilting table would add options to this sander.

The pneumatic sanding drum for the Delta drum sander is between the disk sander and the OSS. The cart the sanders sit on holds the XYZ mortising table and parts to the Robland X31 combination machine which only are on the unit when needed.

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