This Campbell-Hausefeld is a 30 gallon, cast iron oiled (as opposed to the noisier oil less) compressor that the specs say delivers 5.8 CFM @ 90 PSI with an inline moisture trap and an oiler. Someone was thinking when they put on air line tap off before the oiler and another after the oiler. Not real cool to go and blast off the sawdust and chips off a bench or saw and spray a little oil all over hell.

I ran a 25 foot air oiled line from the compressor to directly over the work/assembly bench. It's right there when I need to use a brad nailer, stapler or turbine carver.

To avoid onfusion I marked my "for oiled stuff" air hoses with OIL on both ends. The "just air" lines were left alone. I normally leave the yellow plastic curly hose on the compressor with a blow off hand piece on it. The curly cord will reach just about everywhere in the shop and I don't need to unwind and rewind a normal air hose.

Picked up a few of these Yellow Donuts at a woodworking show and they do a great job of keeping 25 foot air hoses from turning into Gordian Knots. They work just as well on long extension cords.

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