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The following is for Greg D.

The original image file you e-mailed me was 1536x2048 pixels at 314 dpi and looks like it was intended
for printing at 5x7. The high dpi makes sense for a photo PRINT. But since you're wanting an image
for a web display - 72 dpi is what most computer screens use. SO - I changed the resolution to 7 dpi
and the file size went down from 1.2 meg to 36K - well below WoodCentral's 80K max image file size

In addition, I played with the Brightness and Contrast to crisp up the image some, then used a "sharpening"
"filter" to kick up the contrast at the edges of dark and light interfaces. What the filter does is lighten the light
pixels near the boundary and darken the dark pixels - making the edges "pop".

A thread in the Festool Owners Group got onto what is called a Stroke Sander. It's difficult to describe how it works or what it looks like with just words.

So - here's an annotated picture of one that hopefully illustrate what it looks like and how it works.

The photo was taken in Michael Colca's shop in Central Texas (Driftwood, south of Austin in hill country). The thing in the foreground is a vertical belt sander he made - with changeable end pieces for different profiles.

If you'd like to see some of Michael's work click here He's good, really good. And if you think his furniture is nice you should see all the really nice woodwork in the house he and his wife built.

This next one is an idea for the Festool DOMINO - a slick mortising tool that makes cutting mortises for loose tenon mortise and tenon joinery so E A S Y. Probably won't make any sense to anyone - other than a DOMINO user.

While the "37mm to Mortise Centerline" retractable stop pins on the DOMINO are handy, for many application on narrower parts 37mm to center is a bit far. There are magnets with holes that'll slip over a retractable pin to let you center a mortise less than 37mm from a stop pin, $55 bucks for a set of 5 seems a bit much - and keeping track of 5 more small parts is just one more chance for a Treasure Hunt Amongst the Shaving and Sawdust..

Now it really doesn't matter if the center of your mortise is EXACTLY 0.5000 inches in from a reference edge or end. If ALL the parts that require the mortise to be "about" a half inch in from an edge or end ARE the same distance away everything is fine. The beauty of the DOMINO's "stops" is that they make production mortising so much quicker - no layout lines, no aligning the tool to each and every mortise center line centerline. But there's that "37mm Thing".

The DOMINO's Narrow Parts Attachment may be the answer. The fences can be set from 10 mm to 70 mm apart.(a little over 3/8" to 2 3/4"). And you don't HAVE to be EXACTLY 0.5000
or 0.75000 inches in. BUT - you do have to be the same distance in, whatever that distance is, from "the other end of the part" when cutting "the other end" mortise. So if you're not good at "eyeballing" when aligning a tool to a scribe line this idea probably ain't for you. Oh - and you have to take parts off and put them back on too.

So - you can spend the $55 and save some time later, or save some money and pay in your time. Either method should do the job

BTW - the illustrations are upside down - the fences point down when the accessory is attached to the DOMINO.

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