A PLACE TO DO YOUR SHARPENING (and keep all the sharpening stuff in one place!)

Buidling a Sharpening Center Cabinet - page 1

Amazing how much sharpening stuff one can accumulate - Tormek, Baldor 1728 RPM grinder, Japanese waterstones, the diamond plate things, scary sharp plates, india and arkansas stones, slip stones ...

These things were scattered all over the shop. Even after finding one of them, finding a flat surface above the ground that wasn't covered with "stuff" was almost impossible during a project. So tools that should be sharp weren't when I needed them, but the hassle of setting up for sharpening ...

So - what once again began as a quick and dirty evolved into this mini-challenge and great practice for the kitchen cabinets on this year's To Do List. Cherry ply with maple face frame, rabbets, dadoes, biscuits, blum drawer glides, full extension bottom mount glides for the pull out shelf and maybe some euro hinged doors. Tried to include most of what's going to be needed for the kitchen cabinets.

Here's what I ended up with. Need to put a door back on and install the drawer faces and pulls. One of these days I'll get around to doing that.

Here's more about how this thing came to be as you see it in the pic above.

So here's the plan with some basic dimensions. Wanted the top to be no more than 32 inches off the floor. The 5 inch locking swivel wheels left 26 inches for the cabinet. The Tormek is 13" tall and with 1/2 inch tall full extension glides under a 3/4 inch shelf for it and a low speed grinder, that leaves 11 3/4 inches for drawers. Take out 3/4 inch ply middle shelf and 3/4 inch ply top and I had 10 1/4 inches for two drawers. With a 3/4 inch drawer divider and the top and bottom clearance for the Blum drawer glides that would leave room for two shallow drawers. For small and flat stuff shallow drawers are perfect - no room to pile things on top of each other and then later have to dig down to find things.

So here was The Plan based on the constraints.

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