JoinTech Cabinet Maker System

This router table cabinet for the JoinTech Cabinet Maker System was the second thing I made. The plans came with the JoinTech. The carcass is some mahogany ply I had laying around, the face frame, drawer fronts and cabinet door are English oak, the rest is poplar. The finish is three coats of Teak Oil. The cabinet has two fixed wheels on the right and two lockable swivel wheels on the left.

Everything on the top is from JoinTech

The Jointech Cabinet Maker System consists of an extruded aluminum fence and the Clincher (tm) for precisely positioning the fence relative to the router bit. The working face of the fence is actually two independent, precisely adjustable infeed and outfeed fences. Between the infeed and outfeed fence there is a removable plastic insert.. This feature allows you to have easily switchable zero clearance inserts for each router bit profile. That means safer operations AND less tear out.. The fence is hollow and has a dust port connection on one end.

The Jointech can be used like a normal router table - but it's the Clincher positioning system which more than justifies the $500 price tag. With it, and the paper templates that come with it, you can make finger/box joints, through dovetails and half blind dovetails of fixed or variable spacing. Though I haven't tried it, the system will also let you make "double dovetails" (you've seen them, they're the ones that look like the dovetails are outlined - usually in a contrasting wood).

Note the oak to poplar dovetails on the large drawers. Someday I will learn how to do dovetails with a saw and some chisels but for now the JoinTech makes things quick and relatively easy for this newbie.

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