Logo Ideas

Logo Idea #1 - Pile of Curlies With Eyes & Turned Piece
Can change the piece easily, the piece being held, where the eyes are looking and can add hats, beards, fangs and bat wings. etc. for holidays - a Pilgrim, Santa, a Vampire etc.

here's the logo with a transparent background

Logo Idea # 2
Can go with a cartoon of a bowl, plate or hollow form - add eyeballs, pupils can easily be changed to change where IT is looking, Like Logo Idea #1 it can easily be modified for months with holidays. Can add Silicon Valley Woodturners text and use it for a page header - except of course for the formal Home Page- where larger, simple, elegant font text would be better for first impressions. With a Left and Right version they can be used on either side of a page header with the formal font text between them.

Logo Idea #3 Eyes & Gouge with an actual piece. Can feature a club member's piece each week, or month - chosen randomly or maybe by raffle at the monthly meeting. A little more work for the webmaster and/or whoever is doing the site's graphics.

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