Museum of Woodworking Tools Store: A Guide to Chisels for Woodworking
Robert Sorby


Michael Colca on craft & krenov
Mark Love on Wood & design*
Home Furniture- Great Joinery & Wood Selection **
Maloof on Maloof: Introduction
The Golden Rectangle
The Golden Ratio

Dust Collectors

The Basic Physics of Dust Collection
Online Conversion of weights and measures
Bill Pentz's Cyclone & Dust Collector Site
(Bill's site is The Place for Cyclone Dust Collection Info)
SK's DC setup.with Cartridge Filter**
Dust Collector Cartridge Filters


Homestead Finishing Products
Michael Dresdner's Finishing Info ***
Good Reading-FrenchPolishPlanesDovetail**

Great Ideas

Wood Screw Size & Pilot Hole Size
Urban Forest Craftsman - Cutting Large Dovetails
Air Compressor Automatic Drain Valve
About John Lucas (great hands on tool reviews and uses)

Great Sites

Ken Vaughn's Workshop
A Woodworker's Notebook - Jeff Gorman -Handtools and their uses
Geoff's Woodwork - another good one for newbies,
Jeff Greef Woodworking -Links: the LONG list***
Black Sheep Woodworks ****
Index of GALOOT**
As the Woodturns - Woodturning Site for Woodturners
Want a display case for your stringed instrument?
Bugbear's workbench compendiums (if you're thinking about building a bench ...)

Tom Plamann

I couldn't figure out where to put this link - the guy's amazing
and in a class by himself. Definitley check out his site. It will
both inspire you and humble you. Take the time to go through
his site - it'll be well worth an hour or two. Truly amazing.

How To
Stock Prep (Stock Prepartion - Four Square)
Woodworking Tips and Techniques
TeachShave by John Gunterman (instructions for making a spokeshave)
ShopCam Hilites (building walnut cabinets on a web cam)
The Woodworker's Gazette Home Page
Patrick's Blood & Gore (everything you ever wanted to know about hand planes)

Morting Chisel & Bit Maintenance (Bay City suggestions)

Stanley Bed Rock Plane Types - Bob Kaune - Antique & Used Tools
The Stanley Bench Plane Page
Tuning A Hand Plane
Welcome - Bob Kaune - Antique & Used Tools


Home Shop Woodworking- Woodworking Plans - Scrollsaw Patterns
Jeff Greef Woodworking- Free Furniture Plans and Techniques
Oriental Cabinet Planes
knock down router table
American Woodworker: Project of the Month
Free Plans Indoor Projects
Amateur Woodworker: Artist's Easel


Badger Pond Shop Tours
John's Shop -- Knee Deep in Sawdust
James Eddy Woodworks Gallery -this guy's good
Rob's Woodworking
Rob's "NEW" Shop Photos
Sam Allen Woodworking Books & Tools
Woodcarving tools

Shop Safety**

Lowering The Odds -Safety

Wish List Sites
Gerstner Tool Chests
Garrett Wade
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Home
Lee Valley Tools - Woodworking Index
Highland Hardware - Tools for Woodworking
Baker Milling and Hardwoods - Sale Priced Slabs Claro**
Wood cherry mahog etc**

WW forums


Robland X31 Combination Machine

Yahoo! Groups : RoblandX-31

Rail Jig ***
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