There was a craft fair at the neighborhood shopping center. One of the booths was selling cloth marionettes. Big surpise - the next kid's project was a marionette - again, made out of a redwood fence board. We started with the "torso" then made the rest of the parts to go with the torso. I cut the parts on the bandsaw and Jess did all the sanding and drilling.

After assembling the parts - predrilled holes and brads - and woking out positioning issues it was drill for dowels. Somehow something didn't look right. There was something funny about how the legs hinged. Then it hit me - bird knees hinge "backwards".

The hardest part of this project was getting the monofilament lines connected to the cross "control bars". For Jess the hardest part was deciding on which color jiggle eyes she wanted to go with.

This was another fun project and a nice change from working on my Real Work Bench project. Now I'm going to have to make a stand for this thing so the control lines don't become a big complicated knot.

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