Jess, the nine year old from two doors down wanted to make a Treasures Box. A resawn redwood fence board, drum sanded flat, ROS sanded to 220 grit, ripped to 3 inch width for the sides, 1/4 inch ply for the top and bottom and some left over maple for the feet. I set the stops for the sliding compound miter saw and she cut the pairs of sides while wearing the orange ear protectors - the Makita 1212 is LOUD

We picked out a router bit and I cut the fingers for the box joints on the JoinTech while Jess operated the dust collector remote. Routed the stopped dadoes for the ply bottom and the ply sliding top. Got out the corner clamps, a soldering brush and the liquid hide glue and Jess glued up the box sides with the ply bottom panel in place. While the glue was setting up she decided the top should have a happy face so off to the ply bins to find something nice.

Naturally she found the big remnant of the 4x8 sheet of birds eye maple - I'd used about 18 inches off one end for the end panels on the base of the bench I'm making. "Look, FRECKLE WOOD! This will be perfect for the Smiley Face!" (and she was right). Found a jar lid of the right diameter, penciled a circle on the ply and off to the bandsaw for me. Jess used the oscillating spindle sander to get real close to the pencil line and then hand sanded the line off. I cut the eyes out and did the smile on the scroll saw because she wasn't comfortable using the scroll saw.

The box needed some feet and I had some left over maple about the right size. Using a Grripper to hold the stock and a quarter inch roundover bit in the router table she rounded over one edge and after a bit change, routed the dado - all with me hovering about. I cut mitered cornered pieces and she glued them to the bottom of the box. I wanted her to use the oscillating spindlge sander to do a nice curve on the feet but she wanted to get the box done ASAP.

Four coats of wiped on bug spit (shellac) and The Treasures Box was done.

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