Delta 31-250 (?) Drum Sander

Bought this unit used in August 2002. Came with the stand and three rolls of sandpaper strips. The small motor that drives the feed belt is quiet and the unit doesn't make much noise in use. It does, however, generate very fine sawdust at an incredible rate and was the thing that drove me to finally replace the standard dust collector bags with new 1 micron bags. It has a two step pully for two speeds and a take-off for adding an optional pneumatic drum sander, with dust collector.

The paper holding mechanism is a spring loaded clip - shove the end in and start winding the paper on. The feed belt tracking adjustment is done by tightening or loosening an allen head bolt on the sides of the front roller. You loosen one and tighten the other while the feeder is running. Even at the fastest feed rate it takes 10-15 a seconds to see the affect of an adjustment so it's easy to screw things up the first time you try adjusting things.

The feed table height is accomplished by turning the four threaded rods that support the feed table. The rods have gears on the bottom and a toothed belt turns them all at the same time. The gears are a nylon type material, a concern for some. However, given their location and the fact that the belt shouldn't abrade them much, I doubt I'll have to worry about it in my lifetime

This unit and the mortising machine necessitated taking over the left half of the four car garage. Oh darn!

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