HeavyDuty Leg Levelers (and you can adjust them from above)

Rocking chairs, rocking horses and maybe a cradle - are supposed to rock. Workbenches and tool benches aren't supposed to rock, or for that matter move - at all. And given that most floors aren't flat, shims are handy for making a rocking bench that isn't supposed to rock not rock. But they're not very attractive. Fortunately there are leg levelers available. But most must be adjusted from the bottom. For a sled base there's a better alternative - levelers that are adjustable from above.

You can find these and other leg levelers at www.cal-fasteners.com/leveling-mounts.html. The allen head versions of the leveling legs are identified as BR or Broach heads. Cal-Fasteners' phone number is
714-851-1715 - ask for Herb and tell him they're for a wood workers bench.