A Doo Hicky for the Dewalt Plunge Router

The Dewalt 621 plunge router is a very nice, well thought out unit. However, when installed upside down in a router table, the plunge return spring negates it's fine depth of cut adjustment. And unlike other plunge routers, the return spring isn't compressed as you plunge but is stretched instead. The spring can be released by 1. removing the snap off dust collection tube, 2. squeezing the rubber spring cover tight on the spring and 3. turning the top plastic spring holder to unthread the spring from the holder.

But now the fine adjustment doesn't work. If you can connect the depth shaft to the depth of cut turret you'd be in business. With a little hacksawing and a bit of drilling and filing you can make a doo hicky that will make it work. Here's how it's done and how it works.

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