When it comes to Loose Tenon mortise and tenon joinery, the LEIGH FMT (Frame Mortises & Tenon) JIg is the best - of its generation - of router based jigs. And the MultiRouter is the LINK to what was to come - though still reliant on a router. The Festool DOMINO is the first of The NEXT GENERATION of mortisers - a revolutionary woodworking tool - and a handheld one at that - designed and built to do just one thing - cut furniture scale mortises - quickly, cleanly, accurately - and easily.

To fully appreciate how revolutionary the DOMINO is you have to understand the use and limiations of what was out there BEFORE the DOMINO. Using a table with an apron, we'll be looking at how the mortise and tenons are done on the FMT - what's required of the user - and look at some of the things the guy demonstrating the FMT didn't mention during hisdemo - but that you'll probably discover when you use the FMT - on a REAL WORLD project.

So let's start with an overview of the FMT, what does what, how it works - and what YOU must do to successfully cut mortises or mortises and tenons - WHERE YOU INTENDED THEM TO BE CUT.

With this Overview in mind, let's go through several procedures for dong the tenons on the ends of the apron parts (or mortises if you go the Loose Tenon Route). Then we'll look at how you'd use the DOMINO to cut mortises in the ends of the apron parts.

Cutting the first apron tenon (or mortise) is easy - SEE -------->

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