Installing hinges is not my strong suit. So naturally, in keeping with my tendency to make things complicated, I had to go with "simple" knive hinges for the coopered doors, even though I knew their installation would be far from simple. Knife hinges leave NO room for error - no vertical adjustment option, no horizontal adjustment option - they're done right the first time or

a) the doors don't fit properly and it's glaringly obvious
b) the "fix" for the screw up will ALWAYS show

Realizing all that, I went at knife hinges methodically, starting with the mortise in the top and bottom of the doors. Knowing that the layout was critical and that I'd go with chiseling and paring, I went with the method shown below. The marking gauge I used is the Tite-Mark, a micro adjustable precision tool with a single bevel scribing wheel. The latter slices the grain rather than scratching it and the sngle bevel leaves a vertical wall in the resulting "line" - a perfect face for subsequent chisel work.

more on the mortise layout --->