Air Cleaner/Downdraft Sanding Station/Outfeed Table

Normite woodworking can generate a lot of very fine sawdust that goes everywhere and gets into everything, including your lungs. There are a few things you can do though.

A dust collector will get the big stuff put out by your table saw, jointer, planer etc. and will catch some of the fine stuff - IF you have 1 micron or 0.5 micron bags. The bags that come with most dust collectors are 30 micron or larger - next best thing to screen door screen. Great for stationary tools but a dust collector is loud so it's normally only on when a stationary tool is being used.

An air cleaner, especially a big one, will filter the air in your shop 8 or more times an hour, it's quieter than a dust collector so it can be left on. But an air cleaner is almost useless when it comes to sanding with a random orbital sander or belt sander. That's when a downdraft table comes in handy.

Most of us are working in a small space (no matter how much actual space you have there's never "enough space") so stuff that takes up precious floor space better be a really good at what it does or do double or triple duty

So here's a big air cleaner/ downdraft sanding table/ outfeed table. It uses a three speed, squirrel cage furnace blower I picked up at a garage sale for $10, some spa filters I had and four discontinued/obselete cartridges I got from a spa/pool supply shop for maybe $50, and an airconditioner/swamp cooler 3 speed switch.

I later found I could get used truck air cleaner cartridges from truck maintenace/repair shops or truck rental places - often for less or for free. Blow them out and they're ready to go. Truck cartridges have several added advantages - larger inside diameter AND usually have a rubber seal on one end and a rubber gasket on the other - real handy.

Here's a detail to clarify how the filters are attached. You ca get threaded rod and thin bar stock at most hardware stores.

This is what the thing looks like in real life

Here's a view ofthe intake end without the plastic furnace filter

I did this one out of 2x2s and 1/2 inch ply but you could get away with 1/4 inch ply for all but the top.

Slick huh?

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